Our Lady of the Southern Cross

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Marian Valley’s rain forest hides a treasure – the only one of its kind – a statue of Our Lady of the Southern Cross. Here one can identify with the beauty and spirituality of Australia in the great silence.

Our Lady of the Southern Cross

Our Lady of the Southern Cross
Our Lady of the Southern Cross

This Statue sculpted by Father Dominic Cremasco, SVD (Divine Word Missionary) of Brisbane, Queensland, was dedicated by him on the 1st of May 1999.

The Statue has seven symbolic meanings.

  • The five stars in the constellation are in our southern sky. The seven points of each of the four major stars forming the cross represent Australia’s seven territories. The Southern Cross is also featured on the Australian flag.
  • Our Lady of the Southern Cross derives Her title from the five stars of the constellation, which is featured on Her mantel.
  • The Holy Spirit was originally part of the title Australia by the Portuguese navigator De Quiros “Terra Australis del Spirito Santo,” which means “Southern Land of the Holy Spirit” when he first discovered land south of the equator.
  • The flame of fire below the dive symbolises the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • The map of Australia on which Our Lady stands (facing north) symbolises that She is protecting and interceding for us, Her children. This double role is expressed by how She not only stands on Australia but also belongs to it.
  • The pedestal on which the Statue of Our Lady stands signifies God’s wonderful world, especially the magnificent Moreton Bay fig tree and beautiful rainforest.
  • Our Lady’s attitude expresses holiness, humility, prayerfulness, purity, simplicity, and Her universal Motherhood.

In the words of a poet: “Some hand has caught and held Her shining grace”.

“This Statue shows no sulky, frowning stare but the half-shuttered smile of thoughts held deep.”

Mary, Our Mother, Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Hope
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