Black Madonna Chapel

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Black Madonna Chapel

The main church of the Shrine is known as the Black Madonna Chapel, with a seating capacity under the roof for about 500 people. A true copy of the Miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa (Poland) welcomes everyone to pray, to come closer to Jesus, and to bring Christ to our world as Our Blessed Mother did. Miraculous Icon of Our Lady Czestochowa full story and history.

The Priesthood

To live amid the world
with no desire for its pleasures:
to be a member of every family,
yet belonging to none;
to share all sufferings,
to penetrate all secrets,
to heal all wounds,
to go daily from men to God,
to offer Him their homage and petitions,
to return from God to men,
to bring them his pardon and His hope;
to have a heart of iron for chastity
and heart of flesh for charity;
to teach and instruct,
to pardon and console,
to bless and to be blessed forever.
God God! What a life,
and ’tis thine,
oh! Priest of Jesus Christ