Mary Queen of Help (Solvenian Chapel)

Brezje is a small village in Northern Slovenia. In the 18th Century, the Pastor of the Parish church there, Father Azbe, built a chapel onto the Parish church dedicated to Our Lady Help of Christians. Within the chapel he placed a painting which he brought with him from Innsbruck. The shrine became quite popular with people from the surrounding villages. Eventually the picture and the entire chapel was beautifully repainted by an artist by the name of Leopold Layer in 1814. Reports of miraculous healing's have been reported at the chapel, and it has become a national pilgrimage centre of the country.

Slovenian Chapel of Marija Pomagaj

This chapel is a link between Marian Valley in Queensland and the town of Brezje located in a beautiful valley near the charming village of Bled which snuggles beneath the Slovenian Alps.

The shrine at Brezje is dedicated to Our Lady Help of Christians and is popularly know as Marja Pomagaj (Mary, help me) of Brezje.

The heart of the basilica at Brezje is the picture of Our Lady. The present miraculous picture came into being when a Slovenian artist by the name of Leopold Layer, who was languishing in prison in 1809 during the French occupation, promised to paint a new picture of Marija Pomagaj if he would regain his freedom.

After this vow, he was released from jail and he painted in oil a new image of Our Lady, which is now the object of intense Marian devotion by Slovenians. Pope John Paul II visited the basilica Marija Pomagaj on Mary 17 1996.

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